Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1961 Mimeograph Machine by Standard Rocket

A few great things happened today.  It was the day before my birthday and the office threw a small party for me.  Per my request, we did have a general singing of Happy Birthday, we had the good singers do rendition for us.  Wow, what an improvement that is. We have four great singers in our office and it was beautiful as opposed to the usual horror when everyone, on tune or not, joins me.  BTW, I'm one of the out-of-tune singers.

Secondly, there was a big box and inside was a 1961 Standard Rocket mimeograph machine with a few dozen Copy-rite Spirit Master Units  and two standard wicks (I'm not entirely sure what they are).  The machine is hand cranked and appears to be in working order.

The mimeograph masters seem a little aged so I'm not sure that they'll work.

About the smell. Yes, the smell of the freshly printed mimeographs is of course the most important thing.  The fact is that I have bad cold today and I can't tell if the masters have the right smell or not. Stay tuned.

BTW, does anyone know what gave them that fantastic smell and how I could reproduce it?

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