Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Vintage Paymaster Series S-1000

Guest blogger Jenny here! I work for VocabularySpellingCity and took my father-in-law on a tour around the office.  As he admired all of the retro educational technology in the office, his immediate reaction was "Wow! This is a walk down memory lane...".

Smiling faces greeted him along the way as he met most of the office staff. His second, and most noted, observation was the pleasant work environment. He shared that observation with colleagues, friends, and family for days to come.

That evening, he called to tell me that he had a vintage Paymaster machine from Paymaster Corp that could use a good home. Being born in the 1980's, I had no idea what a Paymaster machine was, but the excitement in his voice was contagious, so I told him to dust it off and we would adopt it.

Vintage Paymaster Series S-1000

This Paymaster machine was used by my father-in-law to process payroll from 1982 - 1999. The equipment originated from Paymaster Corporation, a Chicago-based company. 

Some of you may have the same question that I did, "Why is this machine superior to a simple ink pen?" A Paymaster machine was used to validate the integrity of a check. As you can see in the images below, the text is raised - almost like a notary seal. 

This provided added security to prevent fraudulent checks. 

The Paymaster Series S-1000 still had its original dust cover, which displayed a warning to beware of unauthorized personnel.

"Only a Paymaster distributor displaying a currently dated identification card is permitted to inspect, service, or renew the Paymaster two year Warranty. Do not void your Paymaster Warranty by allowing unauthorized personnel to service your Paymaster."

My father-in-law was happy to see that his payroll machine found a new home with fellow retro technology pieces.  Thank you for donating your piece of history to us, Tom!