Tuesday, October 26, 2010

About Retro Educational Technology

This site features the retro or vintage educational technology that has been collected in the World HQ of Time4Learning (homeschooling curriculum) , Time4Writing.com, and Time4MathFacts.com.

John Edelson, Mayor of VocabularySpellingCity with visitors
John Edelson with VIP visitors

 If you happen to have any vintage educational materials cluttering up your attic or basement, such as a copy of the Science Song Records, a classic overhead projector, or a old telephone switchboard, I'll happily donate Premium Memberships, pay shipping, and maybe pay more.  Just this past weekend, I bought some surveying equipment that must date from the mid 1800s.

This blog, like its topic, has some history.  It's purpose and authors have shifted around a few times. It started as a discussion of the history of words. Then, after moving my old typewriter from my parents basement to my office, I started collecting other educational technology.  I went on a buying spree for vintage edtech.  I invite fellow hobbyists to post on it and am sometimes not involved in the content.

To be above-board, I'll disclose that this blog belongs to the John Edelson, founder and president of Time4Learning.   T4L is a great service for those who are accidental homeschoolers, ie have turned to homeschooling as a last resort and is trying to make sense of this educational choice.   Time4Learning.com. Online automated learning for kids from preschool to eighth grade.  The service is also widely used as a supplementary skills sharpener or for summer study.

We've also developed through the years, WritingCity (an elementary writing program) and VocabularySpellingCity . The blog is written by a few people especially me,   the self-proclaimed "mayor" of VocabularySpellingCity.

And some others. It should be understood that this is, among other things, a  type of advertising.
Of course, it's based on one of my hobbies and interests.  Which I enjoy. I hope you do too.

VocabularySpellingCity - It's great for all grades for spelling vocabulary, writing, and phonics. Enter your own lists, find popular lists posted by others, or use the sites teacher resources with materials such as  compound words,  homophonesDolch Words, and more!

A online service teaching writing online!  Time4Writing.com. There are online eight week tutorials for students in high school, middle school, and elementary school (students must be in 2nd grade). The course is popular as an afterschool supplementary program and with homeschool families where the parents (usually Mom) is ready for a little reinforcements in giving feedback to the kids and developing their writing. The courses are run out of an online website and students to the work whenever it fits into their schedule. Roughly three hours of study is required per week. The students have the same teacher through-out the course which is highly motivating. Upon request, the courses can be accelerated which is often requested to fit test prep or vacation schedules.


milesmac said...

Had a blast flipping through your old edtech stuff. Wanted to share a post I made a while back of the tech I have used I. He last two decades. Fun stuff! http://milestomes.com/?p=296

Linda said...

I was thrilled when I saw your slideshow of audiovisual collection. I am a doctoral student in Learning Technologies and in our first investigation we need to look for visual instruction equipment, the name of the equipment and for what were used. We are investigating the '20 and 30' equipment used at schools and universities. Yours are truly amazing. Any chance you can share pics with name and the description of the equipment? Any other recommendation where we need to look at?