Saturday, July 19, 2008

Where Did the Word "Cute" Come From?

Cute is a contraction of acute and means shrewd, sharp, or clever in securing one's own aims in petty ways, but has been expanded to mean bright and taking; attractive. Condemned in the latter sense by purists, the meaning is now fully established as an Americanism.

I like the old way of using it better, but we probably wouldn't be able to call 99.9% of the things we call "cute" by this term, unless you talk about public figures.

Who would be "cute" if we used the real derivation?

Webkinz and The Wiggles? Not cute.

How about Hillary Clinton? She'd be pretty cute.

Ashley and Mary Kate? Cute no matter which definition you use, if you you like multi-billionaires who look like refugees.

Can you think of anyone?

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