Tuesday, July 12, 2016

SRA, Golden Books, and Card Catalogs

I took this picture today in the hallway of our office.  What a great collection of classic educational materials....

A Library card catalog,  a SRA box and a Golden Book
A Library card catalog,  a SRA box and a Golden Book

Sitting on a classic elementary school card catalog, there is a box of the SRA materials with an old Golden Book and just the corner of an old World Book Encyclopedia.  Does that bring back memories or what?

This is part of the RetroEdTech collection curated by the Mayor of VocabularySpellingCity and housed in the VocabularySpelllingCity offices.  For more info on each items:

Card Catalogs

Golden Books

SRA - coming soon - What were they? When were they in vogue? What happened to them?


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